Time Lapse Video for Construction

Posted on 22nd Sep 2020

time lapse video

Undoubtedly, building a new skyscraper, school, hospital or stadium from the ground up is an incredible feat. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day that you forget about the progress that was made, especially when you’ve been working on a project for months, even years. It’s part of the reason why we all love a good construction time lapse video. They let us see the big picture as we sit back and watch the progress unfold from start to finish.

Even if you haven’t worked on the project, watching a time lapse video can provide some serious inspiration and pride for what construction teams can accomplish together.

That’s why we are here to help you to record your construction project with time lapse video technology. 

By watching the time lapse videos taken with some of the top construction time lapse cameras today to see inside these incredible project transformations.

Time lapse video for construction

Time lapse video/ photography is the ideal monitoring and marketing tool for the construction industry. Images are taken at a frequency much lower than the eventual frame rate, giving the impression that building and infrastructure projects are occurring at a much quicker rate than in real life.

Site monitoring is an additional benefit of time lapse video in that it allows for remote ‘live’ access to site via an online viewer, facilitating the micro-management of multiple projects from one platform – even when on-the-go.


Rather than using a DIY, off-the-shelf camera for the purposes of capturing activities on a construction site especially – such as a webcam – a more robust solution is needed.

Focused around a professional DSLR camera, time-lapse camera systems are able to operate at full capacity with only remote assistance. With this sophisticated set-up, interval rates and exposure can be monitored across wireless networks, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted capture for whatever duration is required.

Not only referring to ‘the brains’ of this technology, it is also essential that camera systems are robust in that their internal software is protected from external conditions. A sudden change in temperature could be fatal to a number of system elements so it is vital that the camera’s housing is resilient and complex enough to keep everything running.

Security is also an issue when outdoors. Positioning the system to achieve the optimum time-lapse for construction, usually on a surrounding building or structure, requires careful planning and stable fixings to hold it in place at all times.

A detailed lens

Indeed, time lapse video provides a comprehensive and informative means of monitoring (as well as publicising) contracting and civil engineering projects.

Specialist technologies means that a professional camera system – including its components and the housing that it sits in – are built to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions, allowing it to function at optimum capacity for the duration of the project.

Installing the camera system in the most advantageous of positions usually requires doing so at height, especially for external construction projects which are likely to require considerable visual scope in order to gather the whole picture.

Far from simply documenting all on-site activity, however, time lapse video can also work to emphasise, magnify and isolate particular parts of construction using certain tried & tested techniques.

Worldwide web, global audience

In this sense, the increased application of time lapse video to track the progress of construction projects has helped to facilitate an audience that extends beyond that of the contractors and stakeholders in question.

Time lapse video is a technique best befitting the digital age. Breathing new life into marketing campaigns – presenting new and creative ways to render work from this industry – time lapse video construction is a genre with a growing audience.

Social media plays a big part in this, with platforms like Twitter functioning as a prominent platform for contractors to disseminate their work online. Whether it be time lapse video, still images and other mixed media, Twitter is a popular site to share and build networks.