UAV Companies using frequently on Building Inspection

Posted on 31st Dec 2018

uav companies

Through many years of development and progress in science and technology, some problems encountered in the fields of traditional architecture and infrastructure construction can be resolved through many effective ways by scientific and technological means. The rapid development of drones can provide more economical and effective solutions for these traditional industries. UAV Companies can provide fastest and easier way of conduct building inspections to save money, save time as well as safety in personal. UAV companies - MIRS Innovate have own research & development team to always develop new technology to optimise the workflow of building inspection.

Mirs Innovate is one of the top professional UAV Companies of Singapore in 2019 as we are always providing professional building facade inspection. Conventional building inspections require manpower to build scaffolding for building exterior and roof inspection. However, setting up a scaffolding can be time-consuming, costly and risky. Drone perfectly solve this issue. It can fly close to the façade and hundreds of high-definition images and 4K videos can be captured. Through high-definition image transmission, inspections of buildings can be conducted in real-time, hidden structural problems can be discovered in advance, making maintenance work more efficiently. The thermal imaging camera can enhance the efficiency of detection work. It can perform comprehensive data collection, and by identifying potential building issues through thermal imaging analysis, solutions can be applied accordingly. UAV companies - MIRS Innovate have developed our own AI system to recognize the defects from the inspection photo.

Drones are able to complement building inspection efforts, particularly for hard to reach places or those that may pose more risk. hence, it getting well- known recent years in Construction Industries. The agency and town councils Applied drone for regular inspections of public housing facades to replace the traditional method which using gondola with higher potential risk.  The solution aims to basically reduce fatalities for work-at-height (situations), and also better cost as compared. 

Singapore construction companies nowadays are either deploy their own drone application or engage drone services from UAV companies. UAV companies like MIRS Innovate have professional drone pilot application team to provide the services to the clients such as building facade inspection, 3D modeling, Mapping and etc. UAV companies usually are having own Research & Development team to develop the technology which is able to be applied for the services in order to improve the quality of the result. UAV companies in Singapore are getting more important as government encouraged to use drone and apply in the work. They want to increase the safety standard of the work and reduce the risk of certain job as well.