Uber Elevate

Posted on 3rd Oct 2018

by Admin

I think every one of you have that moment like don’t want to move, don’t feel to leave your bed for work, don’t feel to cook because after cook must clean up everything, and our laziness came from the convenience that technology brought to us. If we are hungry and lazy to cook, we still can order our food through delivery apps.

Previously, Uber offer uber Eats apps to market and it became one of the popular apps for food delivery. Place your order with UberEATS apps, after receive notification driver will pick up your order from the restaurant, and delivery to your house. This is how the UberEATS apps work.

Uber is going to elevate their service on food delivery to make it faster, cheaper and more reliable.  Uber revealed their new idea about using drone to deliver food to customer at Uber Elevate Asia Pacific this week in Japan. They name the drone team as Uber Elevate and they are going to apply the knowledge that learnt from flying car service, known as UberAir, to run drone delivery service. With Uber Elevate, the delivery time could be about 5 to 30 minutes.

Currently, Uber is discussing with U.S. Federal Aviation Administration about the UberAir, expect the drone food delivery project will fit into their discussion. Other than that, Uber Elevate has run a pilot to program to test their drone in San Deigo.

According to Lekach from Mashable, state that compare to other apps, UberEATS has higher downloaded rate for android devices in the past year revealed by SimilarWeb.

However, Uber still not confirm yet when to carry out the project. There is a similar project promoted by Amazon to delivery package by using drone, Amazon Prime Air but if there is any difficulty indication show on the project, that’s also mean Uber Elevate will face the same difficulty as Amazon.