Wedding Proposal Drone Light Show

Posted on 16th Dec 2021

wedding proposal drone light show

Spoil market alert!!

Whether you met back in high school, through a mutual friend in college, or on a dating app, you found love—and it’s time to make it stick. But as we're sure you already know, figuring out how to propose is a major undertaking (hello, shopping for a ring and memorizing that speech).

To make your long-awaited moment run as smoothly as possible, just choose a venue and we help and take care of the rest! This drone idea definitely brings an old-fashioned wedding proposal to the next level! If you are still wondering how it works, you can check out our Instagram video  on how a guy proposed to his loved one using 100 drones. One thing is for sure: none of the proposals can top your drone light show.

When the drones are up, you're ready to pop the question! When the moment comes, take a deep breath, get down on one knee, and pitch the sentimental speech you've probably rehearsed a million times. Give your partner a moment—ample time must be given to process/cry/hug it out. Then, once they've collected themselves, figure out when to officially put on the ring. 

While these packages will turn out an IG-worthy setup, they’ll also create meaningful memories that you both can look back upon fondly. Whether a romantic picnic by the beach or a park, you can be sure that it’ll be an unforgettable proposal.

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