Aerial Videography and Photography

Posted on 26th Aug 2019

aerial videography and photography

Aerial photography services is the taking of photographs from Flying Object – “Drones”, it can provide an excellent way and different angel to optimize the performance of your project. Aerial Videography services can brings unique perspective to prospective customers, those to experience unique footage of the entire neighbourhood and create an emotional connection.

High-Resolution Photo

Humans are visual creatures. Aerial photo and video could give a new perspective towards the building or property to prospective customer a more intuitive feel.  Aerial photo and video has become a trend in real estate industry as it can demonstrate the value of the properties.The aerial view of the video and photo will strongly impress customers more than the ordinary photos. With this interactive presentation advantage, real estate agents can make their properties standing out from the rest. 

Live Streaming

Drone is much easy to operate, hiring cost is lower and are easily accessible. For instance, if your event or project required high quality images or videos, a drone equipped with high-definition camera can captured high resolution images and 4K videos. Integrated with HDMI interface, videos can also be broadcast directly through live streaming.

By swicthing scenes between the normal and aerial angles, the video will be undoubtedly more attractive than the ordinary video production.

360° Panoramic Photo

Create 360 degree and wide angle panoramas from your photos such as Scenic Spot Panorama, Real Estate Panorama, Hotel Panorama, Construction Panorama as well. Panorama photo stitching program contains the publish feature which enable you to stitch and view panorama in 3D mode, it can also help you to publish a 3D immersive tour and view it on your phone and tablets. You can enter the immersive world at anytime and anywhere. 

4K Videography

Impressive aerial photography and videography has become a powerful source and play an important role in the way to promote the culture and business especially with emergence of social media. The ability to capture impressive 4K HD video and photos from unique angles can provide an interesting insight into a culture or building or ideal for marketing material.

We have a team who specialises in drone aerial services to take aerial photographs and aerial videos of special events like weddings, sport activities, school outings, concerts, corporate gatherings or any other important events.

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