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Posted on 15th Jan 2019

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Aerial 3D Mapping: Drone Mapping

Over the years, geospatial industry has been making good use of commercial drone by turning the aerial mapping into what we called “drone mapping” is today. Drone mapping is drone that record geospatial data which equipped with sensors and camera. 3D mapping for drone mapping is a type of aerial photogrammetry mapping with science making measurement from photographs. Usually, the output would be 3D map, 3D drawing and 3D model of real-world object and land mass generated by photogrammetry software. The system for drone mapping is known as the geographic information system (GIS) which is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. In short, this will definitely optimize the workflows, project outcome, improve safety and also cost savings.

Drone Mapping Services


Site management and monitoring in construction has always been difficult concerning safety issue. However, with drone mapping, jobs such as taking measurement can be easily done without involving construction workers. Drone mapping system can collect the data required in short time. After collecting the data, 3D models are created and accurately displaying day-to-day updates among management level person and stakeholders. Management executive will be easier in monitoring the site development with accuracy data collection. It will be a powerful tool to identify problems, reduce risks and avoid fatal mistake which can be costly.  

Mapping and Survey

Drone mapping has covered many projects and works for land survey. The team can save time and improve safety by using UAV for topographic site surveying. Using advanced sensors and system, it can achieve better accuracy of data collection than traditional surveying methods and equipment. Land surveying industry has greatly looking into drone mapping service as this has been proved as working smarter and increasing efficiency.


Whenever disaster such as landslides and earthquakes happened, it took a long time to survey the dangerous areas because this involved safety problems and preparations. With the drone mapping services, the survey or rescue & research team reduce the risk as they do not need to enter the disaster area and shorten the time to survey.  


Mapping and surveying in mines definitely problematic when coming to setting up the equipment. Over the years, the surveyor companies using aircraft photography for mapping to open pit mines. However, this type of aircraft mapping usually cover large project scale that gain high profit margin. Thus, drone mapping service would be a great alternative for small scale mapping project such as open pit mines. Drone mapping is also assessible to map areas that are unsafe and unreachable for humans. Drone Mapping in mining sector will be much more useful for the owner as they could use this to do the volumetric calculation for the stockpile management. It will help the management team to plan the schedule for the stockpile.


Drone mapping technology has been widely applied into the agriculture market. Specialized software for drone imagery and photogrammetry techniques are built incorporate with the drone mapping. With this, famers can use drone mapping for monitoring and managing the crop. This high-resolution drone mapping system helps farmer to monitor the crop issues constantly. Other function such as vegetation index mapping aid to discover plants’ stress. In addition to this, surface modelling by drone mapping prides solution in planning the plant’s irrigation and minimize the soil erosion by structuring the fields. Moreover, it can create detail time-series of the changes of crops over the time. With this, different agriculture techniques are potential to be created and move the agriculture industry to a whole new level.


Drone mapping has become crucial for tower grids inspection today. All the power industry has move from casual helicopters and ground inspections to alternative drone mapping method due to two aspects: higher cost and time consuming. This technique achieve better in data collection & management, improve safety and reducing environment impact. 
3D Maps and Models
3D maps and models of land mass are created after the aerial photos been captured by UAV. Detail 3D maps and models to scale can be created as each photograph captured will be saved according to each GPS coordinates. This geotagged photograph is associated with the topographical location.

Software for Drone Mapping


Pix4D is one of the most featured-packed 3D mapping software that been widely used for drone mapping in the market. This is because the software has developed specific version for specific commercial use including construction, surveying, mining, agriculture and etc. This feature allows specific industry to carry out different mapping task in cooperate with drone mapping system. Pix4D has come as the best technical support as it can easily connect with industry-specific management platforms to help create yield predictions, profit and loss accounts, planning documents and detailed site plans.

Context Capture

Context Capture is a reality modelling software that create 3D reality mesh for the real-world digital context. The reality mesh represents the 3D model of real-world conditions with presents of large number of triangles blocks and image data. All the components will be automatically recognized and geospatially referenced for easy navigation of asset information. One can easily access to the designated location. This reality meshes provides accurate real-world digital data in engineering expertise, maintenance and GIS workflows. One of the highlights for Context Capture is that it allows the users to incorporate data even when using other survey data collection method.

Construction Projects with Drone Mapping Services

There is plenty of advantages for construction industry by using Drone Mapping Services. Drone mapping can let you regularly update your construction management and your valued customers about the progress of your projects in our professional drone mapping. Drone mapping Services can also measure the inventory of raw material such as gravel. Drone mapping services will be able to generate a 3D models of construction site which can assist construction management to understand for the whole picture and create a better strategic to increase the standard and reduce the cost. To try a new technology, it can bring you to another level of professional and success.

We create and analyze 2D / 3D Models using advance drones and software. Architectural 2D/3D Modelling is a process photos taken by drones to generate high-precision 2D/3D models.  Can be used for buildings and infrastructures inspection, advertising and others.  Digital, high-precision 2D/3D models can be archived permanently.  The model can be printed with a printer.

However, Safety has always been top priority in our work. We conduct pre-flight condition assessment to ensure smooth flight and safe environment. Our pilot obtain operator permit from CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore). As with every job that is tasked upon us, we will also apply for the required activity permit & obtain permission from the relevant authorities before the job is carryout, we are Drone professional, experienced & committed to produce results for any assignment.

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