How to make company videos improve marketing effects

Posted on 27th Feb 2020

company video

The common types of company video are corporate video and product video. The common points are to shape the corporate image, branding and improve the popularity of the product in order to achieve the purpose of marketing, promotion and noise of company. So, how can the production of company video achieve the purpose of marketing branding and benefit company? 

First, in this era of information explosion, the information that each of us is exposed to is very extensive, so how to stand out from this extensive information is particularly important. In the past, the dissemination of information was in the form of print media, graphics, or television advertisements (TVC). However, the cost of general television advertisements is also quite high. Most companies cannot use this publicity so most companies will tend to go online for publicity. Although online publicity costs lesser than television advertising but it is not so effective as compared with or television advertisements (TVC). Therefore, there is now all kinds of marketing models/ marketing tools have come out. Everyone "shows their magical powers" and video marketing (company video) has occupied an important position.

For company video, its main role is to promote the company's corporate image. A relatively short company video is used to promote company branding. For some customers who cannot catch up a face to face meeting, the speediest and the most direct way to understand the company is through corporate publicity company video. Playing company video is a very positive marketing tools which is useful in some exhibitions, outdoor event for letting new audience to understand more about your company. In addition, company video can be launched via official channel, company video can also be displayed through micro-video, commercial video, feature films, documentary films etc.

Compared with company videos, product video is more creative and interesting. Nowadays is the era of personalization. Homogeneous things are gradually being eliminated. If you don't want to be eliminated, you must be innovating. In the Internet era, novel, unique, creative, and interesting are the tags that can attract Internet users/ audiences to spread discussions and make noisy for marketing purpose. If you wish the product is going to be sold well, the way of publicity must be unusual and unique with a creative and fun product promotion video/ company video as the basis of publicity.

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