How do I renew my UA Pilot License?

Posted on 23rd Jan 2024

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After familiarizing yourself with the necessary procedures for obtaining the Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License (UAPL), it's crucial to be aware of the mandatory Proficiency Check requirement. UAPL holders are required to undergo a Proficiency Check every 4 years. This ensures that they maintain competency in operating an unmanned aircraft.

This comprehensive course encompasses both Refresher Training and a Proficiency Check tailored for UA#1 and UA#2. Wondering what are the steps involved in renewing your UAPL? Keep reading! We will reveal details to you.

Refresher Training

Renewal of UAPL Class A (Rotorcraft) on Multi-Rotor up to 7kg only (2 Days / 5 Hours)

There will be an outdoor practical training on UA#1 which will last for 4 hours. The Refresher Training, designed specifically for existing Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License (UAPL) holders, is a specialized program conducted by a qualified instructor. This training is curated to enhance and update the skills of UAPL holders, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest industry practices and regulations.

UAPL Renewal for  Class A (Rotorcraft) on Multi Rotor up to 25kg (2 Days / 5 Hours)

Outdoor practical training on UA#1 and UA#2, will be included for 4 hours as well, it is integral to renewing UAPL Class A for Multi-Rotor drones weighing up to 25kg.

During the Refresher Training sessions, the emphasis is placed on hands-on experience, with the unmanned aircraft flown in ATTI (Attitude) mode. This mode, known for its precision and responsiveness, allows UAPL holders to fine-tune their piloting abilities under various conditions and aimed at equipping existing UAPL holders with the latest skills, knowledge, and practical insights needed to excel in the rapidly evolving field of unmanned aircraft piloting.

UAPL Proficiency Check 

The Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License (UAPL) Proficiency Check is an important component which will last for an hour, and overseen by an Authorized Flight Examiner (AFE) specialized in unmanned aircraft (UA).

Renewal of UAPL Class A (Rotorcraft) on Multi-Rotor up to 7kg only (2 Days / 5 Hours)

This assessment is specifically designed for UA#1 , representing multi-rotor unmanned aircraft weighing up to 7kg. The Authorized Flight Examiner (AFE UA) evaluates how well UA#1 operators handle their drone, focusing on precision, safety, and following rules. 

UAPL Renewal for  Class A (Rotorcraft) on Multi Rotor up to 25kg (2 Days / 5 Hours)

This renewal evaluation is crafted for UA#1 and UA#2, which are multi-rotor unmanned aircraft with a weight up to 25kg. The Authorized Flight Examiner (AFE UA) assesses the proficiency of UA#1 and UA#2 .

The primary goal of the UAPL Proficiency Check is to guarantee that both UA#1 and UA#2 operators demonstrate high proficiency in safe flying and adherence to unmanned aircraft regulations.

In Conclusion

If you find yourself struggling with the uncertainty of where to renew your Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License (UAPL), Don't Panic. Our company is dedicated to addressing this concern by offering a comprehensive solution – the UAPL Refresher Training and Proficiency Check for Renewal.

Also, If you are keen for  UAPL training, feel free to contact us, as you can always worry free about our training that is conducted by us, as our trainer has more than 7 years of expertise in the drone industry.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1.What is the UA Pilot License (UAPL)?

A Commercial drone training designed for individuals who wish to join the rapidly unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry as a drone operator.

2.What is Class A & Class B in UAPL?

UAPL Class A authorizes the operation of unmanned aircraft (UA) with a total mass not exceeding 25kg. On the other hand, UAPL Class B permits the operation of specific UA models, which have a total mass exceeding 25kg. Applicants applying for Class B must hold a valid Class A UAPL in the same category as a prerequisite for their application.

3.How Does UAPL Last ?

According to CAAS, The validity of the UAPL is maintained when the license holder demonstrates competency through a proficiency check administered by CAAS or an Authorized Flight Examiner (AFE) at a CAAS-approved Unmanned Aircraft (UA) training and assessment organization (UATO) every four years. 

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