Drone Photogrammetry

Posted on 27th Jul 2020

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Drone photogrammetry makes it possible to model an area in 3D, create plans, make measurements (lengths, areas, volumes) and therefore ensures precision when mapping.

This development opens new opportunities for the areas of professional measurement, technical inspection and research (land surveyors, topographers, archaeologists, architects, cartographers, industrial sites managers etc…). It also allows the drone operators to offer an innovative service with added value to its customers.

MIRS drone photogrammetry services allow a wide range of photogrammetric missions to be completed, from precise surveys of up to 10 ha to large scale surveys of 100 ha with our drone operation. The acquired data is directly georeferenced, which allows a quasi-automatic processing and avoids the need for ground control points. If you required the highest accuracy for photogrammetry, we can set up the GCP (ground control point) to increase the accuracy.


The use of a drone for drone photogrammetry and mapping has several distinct advantages over the use of conventional aerial photography and/or GPS measurements in the field:

1.   Drones are very quick to deploy as they can even be flown with cloud cover.

2.   The results are also better, both in resolution and accuracy, as the pictures are taken much lower than conventional aerial photography.

3.   Also, in terms of costs the deployment of a drone is very attractive. On average, the use of a drone photogrammetry is up to four times cheaper than traditional photogrammetry.

At MIRS, we define a good drone map to have:

99%+ image coverage of the area of interest

High data quality

Fast delivery

Best Photogrammetry Software

Here are the top 12 photogrammetry software for building 3D maps and models using drones on the market. These photogrammetry software solutions work with both ground based and drone aerial photography. Below, we review these 3D photogrammetry software solutions.

DroneDeploy 3D mapping mobile app

Pix4D Mapper photogrammetry

DroneDeploy Enterprise 3D Map

AutoDesk ReCap photogrammetry

SimActive Correlator3D™ software

Maps Made Easy orthophoto and 3D models

3DF Zephyr photogrammetry software

Agisoft PhotoScan photogrammetry

PrecisionHawk 3D map software

Open Drone Map photogrammetry

ESRI Drone2Map for ArcGIS

Agisoft Metashape 3D software

Services We Provide

  1. Drone Aerial Photography & Drone Aerial Video Services
  2. Aerial Inspection Services (Chimney, Power Line, Flare Inspection etc) & Surveillance
  3. Drone Mapping , Drone 3D Modeling & 360 Virtual Reality Tours
  4. Architecture, Real Estate, Landscape & Commercial Photography
  5. And much more! Drop us an enquiry to discuss!

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