Real Estate Drone Photography

Posted on 20th Feb 2019

real estate drone photography

Architecture is a kind of art and every building is unique and special, therefore people will take the photo to record how beautiful it is. Traditional photo taking has not being satisfied anymore to record the beautiful scene of the building in this new technology era. People was impresses when using the drone to record the scene with a 360° photography and the scene is so amazing. This is the reason why real estate industry has started to invest more on drone services to create advertisement as it can surprise the viewers. According to the drone real estate statistic, developer who have used drones for real estate photography will sell faster than those who did not apply this service. 

In the previous time, drone videography is far cheaper and easier to arrange compared to shooting aerial photos from a helicopter or a fixed wing aircraft. The use of drones in real estate has opened a new way to showcase a property and it will easier to attract and present to customers. Camera can reach a new height, people can now expose views that they may not see before. The result of using drones to market the property has been shown that it can help property agents to sell faster and obtain more listings. In addition, real estate drone photography or videography in real estate industry will definitely increase the image of the property and make it looks more luxury feel in deep.

Real estate drone photography in marketing has become popular as buyers will always search more detail information for the interested unit and environment. Real estate drone photography can highlight the properties features in order to attract people to buy the house. In addition, it will help real estate company to boost their sales & revenue as the real estate drone photography helping your listing stand out among the competitors.

One of the important reasons why real estate drone photography has become popular in the market is because of the cheaper price of commercial drone such as Mavic 2, Inspire 2, Mavic Air or the latest model Mavic Mini. People are easy to buy the drone model to record the beautiful scenes which will be edited in the real estate drone photography and videography to promote the projects. 

Here some tips before you diving into our list of drones for real estate drone photography, a few things to take into consideration while purchse for a camera drone to use in real estate work.

 a.Battery Life - For residential shoot, average you may need about thirty minutes of flight time but for a commercial shoot you will need even more.In order to avoid  run out of batteries haftway througt a job, plesae                           ensure keep this in mind when choosing your drone.

b.Flight Modes - DJI intteligent flight mode which allow you to get special shots automatically, these modes can be useful for capturing dynamic shots for your real estate clients.

c.Quality Camera-  To take professional Shots, needed professional-grade camera.

d.Payload options - Whether your drone allows for customize payloads, as for you to get more experienced for a different camera to your drone.

The real estate drone photography offers the close feel to the buyers, so the buyers will have a more recognition and understanding on the projects or real estate. It definitely will help them to decide where to buy a house from which developers. Huge number of Real estate drone photography can also be processed and generate the 3D modeling, therefore buyers could have a further understanding the real estate as the 3D modeling can visualise the reality of the projects.

Additionally, work in real estate drone photography, it would included capture visual data to create a orthomosaic map of the building or property. Consequences, potential buyer or consumer can use these maps to familiarize themselves with it as they consider making a purchase. 

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