Drone roof inspection & Drone tower inspection

Posted on 22nd Jan 2019

drone roof inspection, drone tower inspection

Drone roof inspection, drone tower inspections require manpower to build scaffolding for building exterior and roof inspection. However, setting up a scaffolding can be time-consuming, costly and risky. Drone perfectly solve this issue. It can fly close to the facade and hundreds of high-definition images and 4K videos can be captured. Through high-definition image transmission, inspections of buildings can be conducted in real-time, hidden structural problems can be discovered in advance, making maintenance work more efficiently.

The thermal imaging camera can enhance the efficiency of drone roof inspection, drone tower inspection. It can perform comprehensive data collection, and by identifying potential building issues through thermal imaging analysis, solutions can be applied accordingly.

However , Safety has always been top priority in our work. We conduct pre-flight condition assessment to ensure smooth flight and safe environment. Our pilot obtain operator permit from CAAS  (Civil Aviation Authority Of Singapore). As with every job that is tasked upon us, we will also apply for the required activity permit & obtain permission from the relevant authorities before the job is carryout, We are Drone professional, experienced & committed to produce results for any assignment.

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