Tower Crane Inspection

Posted on 21st Jan 2020

tower crane inspection

Tower Crane Inspection is very important step for the crane industry. Early news mentioned that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is carrying out an enforcement blitz on crane and lifting operations across the island. This purpose is to ensure all the contractors remain alert, after few accidents involving crane and lifting operations recent years. 

We all know that tower cranes are widely used for lifting operations in the construction industry. Statistics show that tower cranes contribute to quite several serious accidents, property damage and bodily injuries can be avoided if they are properly used and regularly maintenance. 

In order to retain the safety of tower crane, tower crane inspection and maintenance should be carried out at least once in a month by the inspection and maintenance technicians for tower crane. Most company using the drone as tower crane inspection method to save the time and reduce the risk. The inspection and maintenance technicians should properly record all their work performed and the respective findings. The record should be read and signed by inspection and maintenance technician(s). All the records need to have basic information such as crane model, the date of the inspection, workplace reference, workplace address, crane owner, wind speed, running hour of the crane and voltage of the power supply to the crane should be logged; details of inspection, maintenance and repair work carried out should be logged in the record with details of the condition of the parts inspected and whether lubrication was applied. If repair work is required or has been carried out, the details should be entered into the record; the inspection, maintenance and repair work carried out on critical mechanism of the tower crane.

MIRS provide tower crane inspection services for cranes using drone. With the high-end payload- camera, it produces high resolution images for data record and references.  By deploying the drone tower crane inspection, the contractor can save the time and costing. 

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