Stunning Aerial Video Using Drones

Posted on 24th Mar 2020

aerial video

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's requirements for visual aesthetics, we are exposed to a lot of pictures and videos that are all flat/ 2D effect from the perspective of view. Although the expression methods are diverse, people's requirements for visual aesthetics level increased also.

In this era of pictures flooding, if the photo angle lacks novelty, it is easy to cause visual fatigue. A successful architectural Aerial Video not only gives the audience another novel vision, but also increases the company's employees' pride in their company. In addition, when the aerial content attracts people from other industries, this will also enhance the company's image, branding and status.

Reason 1

Aerial Video, with high viewpoint, novel and unique perspective. Looking at the city, company building from a different perspective, aerial video has increased the height and broadened the breadth of the field of vision. This is probably how God's eyes look like. The boundless urban architecture and the outline of the city will let your audience surprised and amazing.

Reason 2

Aerial video, with strong impact, strong expressive force, strong dynamic, fast rhythm, drone aerial videography has high flexibility and strong operability. Comparing with manned helicopters that must fly in higher airspace, drone aerial video can take panoramic shots at high altitudes and can travel through low altitudes to shoot lenses with rich scheduling. In the drone video, shooting of large scene lenses, because of its flying height can easily reach 100 meters, it has a strong macroscopic display ability. At the same time, compared to orbital shooting, because of its flexible movement direction, it can also achieve a very ideal foreground and background relationship lens scheduling in the shooting of small scenes. Drone aerial video can show both the grandeur of the scene and the nuances of the scene, the picture it takes is the strongest and most expressive in the aerial video.

Reason 3

The aerial video shooting of the large environment and large area is a very unique angle. Aerial video can overlook the whole picture of things/ building at a height angle which is generally difficult to reach, giving people an overall image description, giving people a macroscopic vision, and becoming the most expressive means in real-world display. Compared with manned aerial video helicopters, drone aerial video can also show the whole picture of things in three dimensions and from multiple perspectives. In the comparison, drone video costs lesser, so aerial video by drones has become a necessary means for major TV stations to shoot big scene news. The high-angle picture/ aerial video taken by the drone, aerial video combined with the detailed picture/ video taken by the ground camera, it gives the audience a more comprehensive and three-dimensional visual experience.


The aerial video is more realistic than the three-dimensional renderings and it’s more specifically reflects the whole scene of the ground scenery and buildings. Therefore, more companies are willing to spend money on marketing and use aerial video to show their own branding image via corporate video. Through aerial photography and video, they can truly reflect their strength, scale, style, surrounding environment and geographical location of its company/ factory. The special visual impact brought by the unusual perspective lens of aerial photography/ aerial video will bring in a real icing on the cake. MIRS INNOVATE enters the field of drone aerial photography/ aerial video/ corporate video / company video in Singapore, mainly providing various drone aerial photography/ aerial video and corporate services to commercial company.