Drone Event Photography

Posted on 21st May 2019

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Drone Event Photography

Drone has become the powerful tool where have revolutionized the way moments can be captured and shared. Previously, event companies using the plane or helicopter for the aerial photography and videography which required high cost, today you can get the aerial perspective for a just few hundred dollars.
With a latest drone technology which come with camera with high resolutions images and 4K videography. This accessibility has brought us into all the event planning where even the small gatherings can be turned into great memories.

Drone at sporting events

By using the drone to follow the action on the field, you can assure that you won’t miss out any of the area due to bad angle or being too far away.
For example, marathon event, drone not only capture the footages, it also capture the crowded groups and the moments where they are engage in the activities.

Drone at festivals / Concerts

Using drone footage to create amazing marketing and event recap video is getting popular nowadays. Drone photography is the perfect tool for the bigger events like festivals and concepts. With these aerial perspective, the event planner can show off event locations, crowded of people and even their elegant set up which never seen before.

Drone at weddings

Aerial photography is the perfect way to make the client’s fantasy wedding video a reality. Drone has capture the breathtaking view of the wedding venue from eye of the sky and get creative editing idea for the filming, show off all the best aspects of the day without worrying.

Drone at parties

Even with the small budget for the gathering or parties, you can using drone to capture amazing moments as well.

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