UAV Tank Inspection

Posted on 21st Jan 2020

UAV tank inspection, UAV inspection

Traditional tank inspection techniques require human to climb inside dangerous tanks and potentially chemically hazardous tanks. The rapid expand of technology – UAV tank inspection will be slowly replacing the traditional inspection method in order reduce the danger, time consuming and delivers good quality data sets. 

UAV tank inspection become more and more popular nowadays. The confined tank does not need to be fully decontaminated for human entry as the drone will be the only thing entering for the inspection. With the sensors deployed on the drone, it allows for detailed inspections to take place. The specialized drone is collision tolerant meaning no damage to any piping or components inside the tank will be caused. 

Traditionally, confined tank inspection is done by sending a team of up to at least 4 men inside the confined tank by using the scaffolds or rope access. This kind of close visual inspection method is very time consuming and usually take at least full complete day to finish the inspection job and pose a safety threat to the workers who stay long period inside the tank. 

By deploying the drone as UAV tank inspection, it can reduce the needs of workers to enter the tank, not only to reduce the risk but importantly is quicker and more precise than human using manual inspection. 

Before applying the UAV tank inspection, first thing need to do for pilots and the teams are to be aware of Confine Space hazards and understand the hazards associated with the confine space, it includes lack of oxygen, toxic gases, flammable gas, mechanical hazards, chemical hazards etc. All the inspection teams need to be fully informed about the hazards before entering the tank. Full PPE need to be carried out such as safety hat, safety suits, safety shoes, mask, goggles etc.. and of course, safety equipment to be used for the UAV tank inspection. 

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