Drone Infrastructure Inspection

Posted on 29th Jan 2019

drone infrastructure inspection

Builders and General Contractors are becoming experts at drones, and they’re using them to replace workers more and more. There are many advantages of using the new technology, but there is a certain cost that comes along with it.  As drone solution is an effective and lower cost concern to inspect at heights and inaccessible areas such as glass curtain wall inspection, infrastructure inspection.Large, complex structures are best surveyed from the air. It’s no wonder that inspection has been one of the first UAV applications to be quickly and widely embraced world-wide.

The Advantages of using Drone Infrastructure Inspection

-          High quality aerial Videography and Photography

-          Fast overview and evaluate the condition

-          Increase human safety from workplace

-          Timing Saving

-          Reduce labour needs

-          Enhancing Communication and Reporting

Power Grid or Power Pylons with Drone Infrastructure Inspection Services

Drone infrastructure inspection services can be inspected power pylons for rust, corrosion, bird’s nest, lightning strikes and damaged bolts. We are understanding that these kinds of matter can affect the operation so our drones can fly closer to infrastructure and take more high-resolution photography and data for you to analyse for the maintenance report. We will also base on your needs and do the adjustment. We will use thermographic camera in order to spot out the potential error. Traditional way to inspect power pylons or power grid is sending professional and manually check one by one. It will take a long time to check and dangerous.


Drone Infrastructure Inspection – Bridge Inspection

In Singapore, there’s lots of bridge which also need to inspect to maintain the quality of function. Our drone infrastructure inspection services can inspect all kinds of bridges, no matter they’re being spanning divisions in a landscape or connecting islands or on land. Our drones can fly above or underneath the bridge to inspect any damages in corrosion or concrete. Comparing with traditional manually inspection, drone can avoid the dangerous from height with lower cost and faster process timing.

Other Inspection Services We Specialise in

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