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Posted on 1st Feb 2019

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The Hype is Real for Drone Photography

For the past 2 years, drone photography and videography has been featuring as news story to sharing stories in all social media platform like YouTube & Instagram due to its stunning resulting images and video footages. Bird’s eyes view by drone always capture stunning photographs and incredible video content that impress the audience. Drone photography’s unique visual gives the audience a totally new view of perspective in aerial photography and videography especially those amazing action shots that can be seen in action movies and sports tournaments. Drone photography thus started to gain momentum after its appearance at Winter Olympics 2014 at Sochi.
Before all this drone came into the market, people have to use a helicopter to shoot aerial photography which undeniable increase the cost budget. Another limitation is weather doesn’t always cooperate and safety issue comes in when using a helicopter. Next, it is not flexible for a helicopter to take aerial photographs at every angle. Drone photography can all the issues especially the super expensive shoot of aerial photos. 

Drone Photography Has Begun to Become Mainstream

Drone photography is becoming one of the mainstreams of photo shooting methods. This can be predictable from the fact that the resulting images from drone shot are completely unique and different than what we have seen since the beginnings of photography. We can enjoy a lot of different aerial photography on social media today which will blow your mind and grab your eyes as it will trigger your interests to let you stare at the photos. Mirs Innovate can provide professional drone photography services and the drone services pricing is attractive and competitive. 

In the past time, photographer is difficult-to-reach areas such as jungles and rainforests. Drone aerial photography is the best solution for photographer that could easily help them to gain access to those dangerous areas and photographer will no longer need to go on perilous treks to take photos. Journalist will also no longer need to place themselves in the center of disaster areas and some dangerous zones to get the latest news and photo.

Full HD Quality Photography

Using multi-rotor drones equipped with professional recording devices, our company MIRS Innovate specialized in drone photography are capable of producing remarkable aerial photographs and videos. The outcomes are truly splendid for service that is relatively easy to setup and use.

As the technology of drone photography and videography has been rapidly improved over the time, they are capable to offer better and better resolution and quality images and videos now and in the future. This will be certain impact those drone photography services such as building inspection, land survey & mapping and etc. that requires information content photography. In the future, there definitely have more opportunities that expanding the variety of using cameras on the drones.  

Amazing Action Shots by Amazing Professional Team

Drone photography will inspire your creativity and innovation when you get tired of taking photo from your DSLR camera. The ordinary shooting method seems like every single photo you take may look dull and unimaginative. Drone photography could enlarge your imagination and creativity as it can take photo with a super wide angle. Real Estate Industry nowadays used to promote their units by using residential aerial photography

In the meantime, drone photography is one of the powerful tools for inspection especially in construction site as it could show you the things that you have never realized before. MIRS innovate, one of the uav companies in Singapore will be your best partner to assist you to figure out some hidden issues from the inspection in order to guarantee the progress of your work is going perfectly.

Videography Application

Drone videography can be a powerful tool in video productions including music video, film production, newscast, documentary, TV commercial, broadcast and etc.


  •        Video recording for wedding and live feed.
  •        Showcase of bird’s eyes view of hottest outdoor festival & concerts, capturing the whole new experience and live feed, e.g. ULTRA Music Festival. 
  •        Showcase of sporting events highlights, e.g. World Cup, Olympic
  •        Highlight the sponsor’s involvement in an event.

Travel & tourism:

  •     Cooperate with Board of Tourism by government sector, private sectors, NGOs, airlines & resorts in producing advertising videos to promote tourists’ spots.
  •     Highlighting location & facilities of resorts, theme parks, event ground & etc.
  •     Showcase overview of extreme sports such as alpine & water skiing, surfing, hiking, parasailing, abseiling, paragliding, cliff diving, sky diving & etc.
  •     Show breathtaking scenic vista views of tourist attractions and landscapes at different periods and seasons, e.g. sunset, dusk, snowing, bay, ocean, beach & etc.


  •     Capture the overall layout of architectural, property, building, city, industry & factory.
  •     Capture aerial views for roads, oceans, beach, forest, volcanic mountain & nature.
  •     Recording of property development & construction progress going. 

Safe, Low Risk & Save Time

Using drone photography application, one can easily access to difficult-to-reach areas to capture happening event photographs and video footage without risking one own life safety. Drone photography makes life easy for all kind of profession. For example, nature and wildlife photographer need not to enter dangerous area such as volcanic mountain, deserted island, alpine mountain, jungle, dangerous cliff and waterfall to capture astonishing photos especially these places take long time and a lot of physical energy to reach. A lot of time is saved by flying a drone to reach the desirable camera position for perfect shots. For journalist & reporter, they do not need to risk their life to enter warzones and natural disaster area to take firsthand photos and use of drones shorten the time. Drone photography also provide the freedom for photographer to shoot photos and videos from all sorts of angle to create perfect photos without risking own life. Drone photography is also ideal for search and rescue operation for professional. Drone photography method aids the search and rescue team to pinpoint the location of victims during forest burning and fire accident by using the infrared (IR) thermal imaging camera. Rangers, legal forces such as police and military army can use drone photography method for scouting before entering the hazardous area. 

FIVE Drone Cinematic Shooting Techniques

(1)  Aerial Pan Shot

Pan shot is a drone photography shot method which the camera is made to pivot horizontally left or right (about its vertical axis) while filming. Pans are always described in terms of "panning left" or "panning right" (Source: Wikipedia). To take an interesting view, artists prefer to use the “hover mode” which maintain the stability while taking shots. One trick to get a perfect video, simply rotate the drone across the landscape you want to shoot.

(2)  Tracking Shot

Tracking shot is a drone photography shot method in which the camera moves alongside or parallel to its subject while filming. Shots taken from moving vehicles that run parallel to another moving object are also referred to as tracking or traveling shots. In another word, tracking shots often "follow" a subject while it is in motion. (Source: Wikipedia)

(3)  Pedestal Shot

Pedestal shot are basically taking shots by only moving the drone without changing the position of camera. This type of shots is usually used on buildings, statues, monuments, views of sea and even views above the clouds. This method is easy and simple as one only need to control the altitude by going up and down (two directions), without worrying the movement of camera.                                           

(4)  Fly Over Technique

Shots that you always seen from TV commercial to music videos all the time is using this flying over method by drone photography. A landscape or subject is focused by the whole camera from a certain distance while moving continuously towards it until it covers the whole landscape and passes it from above. This can always be seen shooting the stadium for football cup or indoor concert and festival.   

(5)  Reveal Shot

The classic motion pictures that you always see during the start of a movie featuring the intro of a specific scene. This is a method where you initiate your drone at a spot out of the view of the subject then slowly move in the view of the subject. It is as simple as this, but this certainly create memorable scene effect.   

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