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Posted on 19th Feb 2019

drone specialist

Drone is getting popular nowadays, many people has purchase own drone and do their own fly for leisure purpose. As a drone user, you need to understand the Aerial Rules and Regulations. Difference company has difference Rules & Regulations. Singapore is a small and regulated country, hence for the drone activity, you must seek the approval from CAAS for any restricted fly zone. If you did not attend any drone training class before, you probably would take more risks to fly your drone. Singapore Government has implemented the laws and regulations for the drone which is to limit the flying height and the purpose of your drone flying under CAAS. MIRS Innovate is a drone specialist who provide the one stops drone solutions, they are Authorized drone dealer for the drone products, numbers of pilot with license and operator permit, provide drone training course and also drone specialist teams to provide drone industrial services and solution for the customers.

Fly for Fun Vs. Fly for Commercial

There are two ways for the drone application which are fly for fun (leisure fly) and fly for commercial (Industrial Use). Fly for Fun obviously is to fly for personal purposes like school projects or personal video or photo shooting, but the flying height has to be followed the CAAS’ operating condition. Fly for commercial needs to have the Class 1 or Class 2 Activity Permit in order to fly higher than 200ft Above Mean Sea Level and lesser limitations for flying the drone. If you have the project which required drone which required customized drone or best solutions to your requirement, you can look for the drone specialist who can provide you're the entire solution plan.

Moreover, you also do not need to spend more budget to invest the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or build up the drone specialist team, you may also just hire a team of drone specialist to helps on your one-time projects.

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